Socks-embodies the details of the man grade

Men wearing socks most important principle is with the whole is tie-in, most of the time, long trousers body will cover straight vamp, only in casual in to see the existence of socks. At this time, its color, texture, cleanliness will provide for your grade scoring basis.

Male sox color should be the basic neuter color, and the color deep than trousers. Man of the match colors suit and Boston is the most popular and most simple look, if the suit is gray, can choose the gray socks, navy blue suits should match the navy blue socks; Cream-colored suit with a deep dark brown or brown socks.

Common in the daily life of a mistake is: a man when they sit down, from trousers to come out a section between leather shoes of white socks. This is not the harmonious by being installed and leisure sox collocation caused confusion. White and light cotton socks this used to match the recreational style menu and loafers. Wear a suit shorts, too long socks appear rustic, to wear in the calves of the length socks, and try to pick not marked light color. If you do the movement of white dress, socks must be QianChenBuRan white sports socks.

Special remind, ensure that the length of the socks that you not to sit, or a leg to take on another leg on the legs of the visible when skin.



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