Men dressed details

General principles
A, suit for the overall image the color of the suit’s color, so shirt, tie, shoes, socks, belt must suit the suit and matching color, generally don’t more than three kinds of color!
B, dressed in a bar or grid fabric suit, then tie must be no shirt bar or grid; Dressed in a bar or grid fabric shirt, then tie must be no suit bar or grid; And tie.
C, dark suit light color shirts, light color shirt dark suits.
D, the skin black people don’t wear yellow, the skin is white is nothing to worry about. Pay attention to the color of the dress and skin the color of the hair must be in harmony.

Pinstripe fabric than thick stripe big cell have good taste
Long suit jacket when buy short suit to pay attention practicability and performance to price, for example, you spend 2000 buy a designer clothing, each month can wear eight times or more even wear five years, not only wear good-looking, and high ratio of performance (every day on average about $4); If on the roadside spend 80 dollars on a poor quality of clothes, wear after three times of sleep wear up invisible, unfortunately, for others, they also don’t finally cast, you say which cost-effective?

Dark socks can and any color dress, but summer now, if wear light color clothes, socks color can also be shallow some, but some are deep in clothes color. Put your shoe ark of white socks in it, if you don’t have white sneakers! Please don’t use white socks you of any color of leather shoes!
Socks to encase crus parts can not only to the ankle, don’t let people see your bare leg hair, if it is, it will be the biggest failure!
Brunet, delicate, fabrics is simple and easy, flower socks for girls go to!

The man without a few white shirts? White shirt classic color for the, should buy more white shirt, also can buy some such as ivory color, gray, shallow blue downy and tonal shirt, light color shirt more easily than dark shirt match!
Long sleeve more formal than short sleeve, pinstripe than thick stripe elegance, never in the suit to wear short sleeve shirt, day, how bad!
Shirt to iron good, if is wrinkly, had better not wear, again good suit will also drop!
Shirt cuffs should be slightly longer than 1/2 inch coat, coat sleeve to thumb tips should keep 5 1/4 inch, shirt cuffs to thumb tips to keep four 3/4 inch–man should always keep in mind the criteria!
If you want to a day comfortable words, brought to leave some space circle, 90% of men brought turn all stretched tightly, this is very bloated, a day down, not painful also give suffocated!
The people should choose short neck low brought shirt, long neck should choose relatively a bit higher collar
Light blue shirts on the lens, in television interviews or wear best video, you don’t forget to take pictures

With more serious formal of leather shoes, one leg up jacket and is suitable for loose outfit, please on formal occasions wear with leather shoes in!
Black leather shoes can match any color clothes, can use on any occasion.
Shoes with low more gentlemanly, straightforward bold and unconstrained shoes with thick only applies to the alternative!
Don’t let your shoes in ash, every two days to wipe a shoe, shiny leather shoes to the person feel very cool, a good education

Soul in the
Brunet, striped flower case small, simple tie with high authority
Article inclined lane, geometric shapes, the tie more acceptable, don’t take that plane, tanks, golf pattern of the tie, you are not a millionaire!
1, if is not very complex, color appearance pure shirt, then can and design and color, the color of heavy and complicated changeable tie photograph collocation.
2, the flower is extremely rich shirt is already change feels, plain coloured ties to jump out and tie if again entered the battlefield spend together, will only create the old razzle dazzle, could not find the feeling of vision key.
3, plaid shirt, collocation small dot tie is right choice.
4, striped shirt matchs element face, twill, into the stationing of small decorative pattern, rules such as the dot is good passing style tie.
5, that over the years the shirt and tie up to date with color collocation way, is the tie of the color of a shirt than deep, the quantity compared to some.

The belt and straps:
The same color belt and shoes, best and watch with consistent
The black belt is applicable to any color costumes
Belt not too broad or too thin, too wide for cowboy, is too small for girls!
Strap should size moderate, golden color is the best, silver is good!
Braces should color and dress well matched, back straps will not wear a belt, not at the same time use the straps and leather belt, but if your waist not coarse, I advise you don’t use it, the Chinese do not suit!

Affiliate adornment:
Jewelry should fewer but better, less is more, don’t bead light jewels
Tie clip is not popular, don’t use!

Coat coat and a raincoat:
Coat coat color of choice for blue, black, the color of camel’s hair, carbon gray, had better choose wool texture, and different color suit has nothing!
Brown rice raincoat for classic, blue can accept, must not with black, easy to give a person as a pile of garbage!

Other should pay attention to of place:

Suit sleeve the label on the wearing of a have to tear down!!!!!!
On the waist don’t anything to the damage is belt, also is indecent;
The key is not to use string, but should use the key bag!

Double-breasted suit for size tall man, a double-breasted suit is strong, and general shape or thin man, wear buttons suit appears concise upon.
Tie of dozen (shown)

The dozen of the most accessible.

Elegant type style, rare, play is more complex. Used to bring or standard neckline pointed shirt.

A man is in general like to wear a suit, because a suit for men is the main business attire. People in the most easily from the suit to judge a man’s status, personality and talent. Not is to explain the clothing can be changed


Short sleeve shirt more fashion more grade

Short sleeve shirt is absolutely summer in almirah necessary man sheet is tasted, attend all sorts of formal informal occasion cannot little it figure. Of course, each year the big designers also for short sleeve shirt in search in the new sparkle, let them become more fashionable more grade, who said the man is invariable classic? That is simply Samuel theory.
From the British brand Pringle of Scotland since the textile industry by the Hong Kong tycoons since the acquisition, gradually as the top fashion brand before back to the position of the company, this season for us to bring the men’s clothing, and many of the quadrature in the new idea. For example of the modern short sleeve shirt after, and on the cutting edge of fluorescence bottom ankle boots, let men have come up.
Bottega Veneta this season threw out the short sleeve shirt traditional cotton fabrics, become stiffened. Brown case grain and fabrics to itself stereo feeling, let originally thin boy become strong many, with color pants and black leather shoes strengthen business man is sedate feeling.

Leopard grain single product-meet your wild dream

About leopard grain fashionable, already can’t count is popular because it almost become the eternal. Leopard grain as fashionable element, fashion designer Norman Norell by the United States in the 1940 s to create a precedent. For the next six, seventy years, leopard grain several times the hot, but there seems to be no “great cold”. Someone said, the concrete jungle and modern woman, exploits every day down ran business busy life, tropical forest in both to go out and tending the prey on young female leopard very identity, and therefore the leopard grain and body, to show all like.
Whether the goods on the bag leopard grain shoes scattered ornament, let leopard grain become lovely up. Today recommend two of sandals, one is shoe area leopard grain, another will leopard grain smart use of in Taiwan, and cohesion of a natural, fashionable and do not break sven, from the vision jump out of a level, add a complex for the female character and mysterious temperament.

Men in the office what dress to more attractive

I ugly and big briefcase had already passed! Louis Vuitton to Banana Republic from, the fashion of his briefcase–canvas or faux leather texture-more favour mature messenger style. What kind of? Are going to help you change your slightly the clad method, let you square office modelling can more attractive, but also for your office with a little different “fashionable life”! As long as do the 6, maybe you can also next spring, feel the office of new fashion!
This kind of thing in foreign pocket jacquard with more and domestic, it seems that still want to a bit less, especially in daily work. Occasionally, you can try to a checkered pocket hood, ensure that can let a person raised eyebrows and notice! Of course is the praise scene!
Because BLACK everything * *, whenever there is a NEW popular appeared, there will be countless “NEW BLACK (NEW BLACK) to describe the epidemic levels. This time, the iron ash turn brown. Black is depressing is compared, the more business color, will bring you more originality and fashion taste embodiment.
Bright color of the shirt, is also suitable for the office fashion, but we have the following remind you: please use the traditional color (* *, blue, green……) , please use of dark tie, please use concise style suits, and most important, please buy plain shirts! No patterns.

Man ten equipment

Equipment six: companion

Although women never become a man, the first selection, the first goal, then vice driving seat seems to really is for those lovely lady who AD hoc. It seems that we already know every successful man, there is a great behind the female, but every successful modern man is next to also should have a gorgeous modern woman?

Equipped with seven: leather shoes, leather belt, leather bags

Although cloth shoes, comfortable foot feeling, but always and suit antipathetic, driving out before put a pair of serious best business brand name shoes. You are a man of the car, his feet of kung fu careless. Someone said: “see a person is really rich, want to see his belt, because he is not easily the best with the belt cover part.” This is the word of it. Even if not to justify their rich, a high quality belt is necessary. More on leather bag, and unless you are all competent, someone willing to transport you bags, or the best bring your own a delicate leather bag, and get off like a boss, not make tea pot of tea in hand of the driver.

Equipment 8: healthy color of skin

The industrial city of the men or for a day in building work, or because air pollution, so pale. They sure envy people who have chance to drive to the outside space get sunburnt skin of the people, but sun yi dehydration, cause splash, wrinkles, burns and aging. In order to make the skin luster, elastic, men can apply onto the body with olive oil, usually also should pay attention to prevent bask in.

Equipment 9: bold steps

Hollywood star dustin hoffman, height to 1. 65 meters, but he let a person feel handsome. What are they? He was walking very masculine, a spirit, and this show the men forward with strong and active faith, if a height 1. 80 meters of healthy big fellow, from car out of but downhearted or, like small Japanese woman like exceed finely small step, sure like no life’s body in the walk, let a person very disappointed. The man walking should put abdomen to push forth, so that is will tall and straight, chest will rise. Then, again with this position, make abdominal force tighten. This is the pace of man.

Equipment 10: white teeth

The former brothel owners were threatened MaiXiao female, the unwritten rules of fixed: can have sexual behavior, but never let a guest to kiss. This means that for the lips lips, also is the spirit with meat. Their idea is: “the flesh can give each other, but not our hearts to give.” Love of men and women and if can have healthy teeth and fresh breath, so they can enjoy pure and warm the kiss of love. Already have a driving you, if have a bright smile and clean teeth, it would have to impress women’s heart.

Man ten equipment

As for man, glasses display a majesty, a mysterious, even a fascinating and crazy temperament. And to have a car of man, the function of the glasses and sunshade, protect the eyebrows. Whether we want to which a utility, glasses for you is indispensable. Just think: a black car Benz 600 in your side slowly
Stop, the door slowly open, inside out a dark glasses suit man, when he looked around after, finally the sunglasses off the moment, will be a natural and unrestrained and bearing.

Equipment 2: razor

As the saying goes: “no hair, do not talk prison”. When you earn their driving seat, I’m afraid is also due to beard and things you a full face of time, although the abroad have hairy and sexy saying, but most women also can’t face in the face of the sex appeal. The famous brand with a razor that is how much you a once sexy, and can always sexy up man.

Equipment 3: perfume

“The man incense, and the woman taste”. Many of the women admit that Hollywood, they those on the screen a gold partner, besides handsome, wham beyond, the more appeal to them is its wonderful body joss-stick. Can’t imagine, if not perfume, the beautiful actress who will be in their male partner how a covet body smell? Besides, who is not willing to let the car QiYouWei floating with pleasant perfume? Men have sweet perfectly justified, but don’t too. Also don’t sprinkle Boss today, tomorrow or wipe up way. That it will make women feel that you have not abnormality, insecurity.

Equipped with four: suit and tie, casual wear

Go to work? And should wear a suit, dating, of course, is casual wear. Home or drive or the most basic principles of dress is harmonious. And according to your personality and taste decided to your choice, composed of the type of course motorists don’t choose rebel too strong taste brand, active romantic man and don’t dress too orthodox, and all your car to reach an agreement, the grade of the car because reflects your be fond of.

Equipment five: watch, mobile phones, laptops

With the automobile had pace, the speed is more should have the concept of time. A punctual person is promise, is one of the tricky, so a accurate and beautiful the wrist watch must be your friends anytime and anywhere. And the occasional stood up after, I think you also don’t want to stop car and fishing for the public telephone area, have a car of course people should have a cell phone. So say that cars just shorten the distance we space, mobile phones are the anytime we each other together. While the next laptop will be more you successful career mora.

How to make themselves more fashionable and more masculine

Many people think fashion man is like a sissy, girls phase, actually not so. In today’s society, called the fashion was like a peacock show off the most beautiful feathers, show yourself the most beautiful side. And one of the tricks of the trade, the main points of the biggest way how to show your pride and confidence.

Of course, this is not to say that you didn’t need a head like followed four the popular trend of fashion week, full of the hottest season accept pop. Do you really need serious, take the time to determine what “fashion” is the most suitable for your lifestyle and your personality. In “fashion” at the same time, it also ensures that your ego individual character not is submerged in the stormy of “tide”. So, we come to tell you some balance “fashionable” and you itself “male temperament.” these tips.

Find belongs to you “fashion”

In order to better balance of these problems, you need most is sure, after all that style of “fashion” is the best fit for you. Considering your age, professional (of course, if you have a professional words), and the appearance, the earnest comprehensive sure out you need the most fashionable modelling big principle.

For example, if you work in the creative industry, then, you may need a modern, has the international nature modelling; Which may include sophisticated communication cloak, limited drab colors, and neat fit in style.

If you are doing business services, or the need for frequent contact with customers, so, you might have to think some more conservative, more traditional dress up. Here, don’t think what we call a “conservative,” is to make you completely backwards back to “the”. In fact, you will find that, there are many classical elements in certain period will be repeated use trend. While ignoring the trend of the slight, instant changes, will these classic element in a few years repeated use, can let you get more praise and recognition.

Once you’ve confirmed your style, so what you have to do is consistent persist, and all buy clothes, accessories, unified for the style service.

Please and women to go shopping

And a understand you, and to know that woman how appreciate your women go shopping, for you, it will be an unprecedented rich experience.

First, the company of women, will make you very convenient find now women are like what kind of fabrics, design and color.

Second, she for size and cut insist, will it is you want to show in front of other women “advantage”. And that’s what you to show your “male temperament.” the best way. You even needless to say, she will find that let you ass looks more perfect son trousers; Or a just show you shoulder line coat; These will make you look more masculine, of course, women also will be more attractive.

In fact, and the best little. When women finally to notice your clothes, and praise them, let others go to jealousy. However, this kind of jealousy, and is also the fashionable grade growth you best auxiliary.

Jeans are a vital member of the closet

Only in the past decade or so, jeans have become the phoenix fly on the branches, think it’s amazing. Remember the s of the last century jeans have much bad? No exaggeration to say, is bad, and the ugly cone type clipping, let each man’s legs are inserted a GuChui. Of course, the 1980 s fashion was lack of charm.
Ten years, blue jeans have become an important female almirah a member. If have no it, what should we do? It’s hard for us to imagine. I mean. If we go directly to work bar whiles away the time of words, the wear what 9 or, in the garden and the children to do game what to wear? How can we get in entertainment is also attractive, and even if the clothes become dirty also still look cool? Well, except for jeans, I can’t remember anything else. What kind of clothing can not like jeans so, all kinds of circumstances are useful, and always looks so good.

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