Men’s Fashion Week of shoes

From opulent and regal to rugged and chic, below are our picks for the best of Men’s Footwear from Milan Fashion Week

Classic shapes are reinvented with update patterns mixed materials. A traditional slip-on loafer, although sleek and minimal, is anything but, with bright purple python and ombré vamp.  Cuban heel ankle boot combines velvet and supple kid creating a refined yet accessible look.  Colors evoked opulence in rich green and purple jewel tones, along with deep reds.

Men become more like filar socks

Modern more and more women think wearing stockings or pantyhose brings the sultry and discomfort, far more than strangers under the eye is beautiful with sex appeal, so they’d rather have little legs out flaws, cool and refreshing to match on dew toe walking on the road sandals. In men more and more difficult to appreciate the so-called “filar socks beautiful leg” at the same time, some unexpected discovery man wearing stockings or pantyhose benefits. Many us and European office worker accident found that women filar socks frivolous close-fitting characteristics, let they wear pants in under seemed all the warm and comfortable; And some of the people engaged in outdoor sports, also found that the massive than the old old pants trousers were more convenient movement. Even doctors suggest, engaged in long the station or long time work by plane, in tight pants leg can avoid a blood clot, big conduce to health.
According to the American Internet retailers Shapings underwear company statistics, accident found that 85% of pantyhose actually all is to man hands, of which forty percent exhibitionism dress, the rest is pure like or need to buy pants.
Sensitive filar socks manufacturers also noticed the trend of natural, two, three years ago, the Asian Wall Street journal had reported that more and more filar socks first production designed for men of filar socks and pantyhose design, performance and even than women are even better filar socks. Although points for men and women, but pantyhose companies say, actually design very much the same, it is “marketing name”! In order to let more conservative men wear tights has accepted concept, Austria senior pantyhose manufacturers Wol-ford company come up to the waist sox (Waistsock) for male pantyhose to be named.

A man dressed in silk stockings fashion

Nylon stockings published since the 50 years, and I don’t know how many fashion was lifted for many years, men believe that women will be coated in legs translucent light crystal filar socks, the feeling like the elves of snow and ice, gently beautiful pure and inviting. But now more and more women will instead stockings as a distraction; And the man in the lost over, and the unexpected discovery in the benefits of filar socks, and gradually become fashion, a stream of men wear the agitation of filar socks gradually sweeping across.