Men’s suits error

Suit is men are the necessary clothes, it can make you appear more confident and neat, but many men in wearing in the varying degree there is error, make integral image to sell at a discount greatly.
Wear suit with white shirt doesn’t tie–because wear suit with white shirt is the most normal tees, so if you don’t wear a tie word, can give a person a kind of very casually, very let his appearance go feeling.
And white shirt no decorative pattern, relatively drab, let people always feel less things.
If you really don’t want to tie words or couldn’t time, you can have three options:
A. in A collar A broader white shirt, and will come out against the collar, A modern look to come out, but wear out in the dark suit one;
B. can wear a dark shirt, a stripe or the grid is first selection, so that make people feel not drab, and thin body effect;
C. A high of my pullover suit is the most reliable accessories, color is more, also easy to collocation;

Colour collocation a
A set of formal wear by: suit, shirt, tie of design, manufacture, the choice of west trousers are relatively easy to, as long as you choose a few for example: dark blue, black, such as deep cream-colored joker color is ok, but if you want to suit, shirt, tie three matchs well have bit of difficulty. Here introduces a kind of the most reliable methods: tie don’t choose it took too much to dark grey advisable, choose the white shirt is the safest method, suit for brunet, between the three off color does not want too big, as far as possible is the same of the department of of all kinds, so that, on the whole, would look comfortable.
Do not pay attention to deserve to act the role of suit-can include: button needle, tie clips, belt, leather bags, socks and shoes. Whether you wear many good manners, if don’t a ugly buttons needle, clip a rusty stains of necklaces, wearing a pair of and the whole very harmonious socks, shoes and didn’t wipe. Think about it, the whole image of you will please, so, in you attach importance to coat at the same time, also want to pay attention to the way these accessories.



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