Simple detached because absolutely confident

The young man with the workplace, fashion and dynamic elements also continuously appear in every year of the dress tide. They must not choose a famous brand, or even pay attention to brand the designer clothing as “famous brand” to wear; They also don’t pay attention to “elegant”, because “elegant” the word makes people feel tired panic, is not in line with their hope “simple” psychology.

A striped shirt or of the ornament T-shirt, enough to satisfy his desire to young psychological. This also is this year of guangzhou male dress on the market is easy to see the landscape: large area stripe dress covered the shelves. And of course khaki sweater and pants, they make wearer looks like the animals of that kind of dynamic and allure.

Dynamic elements is still a major theme of male dress. In the office, the most easy to see is sports shoes, jeans and a T-shirt and a supplement young man. If some companies do not allow too casual, “forced” the men give up their choice put on a little “professional” costume, that they also have a way. They can put those with professional design clothes “modified” a, turn them into professional sportswear, again the shoes take kung fu, immediately is a vice “valiant, spirited” appearance, detached from “workplace” away.



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