how to choose the color and style of suit

Then said the suit the color and style. Generally the most orthodox common black suit, gray and navy is very formal. And light color bright color belong to more leisure suits commonly used color. Striped suits general with stripe is not obvious as formal occasions suits, and contrast big stripe or grid suit is not used for more than a formal occasion.

Suit a button the branch of how many, single-breasted one than double-breasted common and orthodox, but it is not absolute, and when the tide. Three tablets clasp is the most common, design is generally conservative. Four of the buckle jacket slant long, five of the old serious is buckled, instead, two of the button is something fashionable leisure.

In a suit and tie in deserve to tie is common, China to tie by more see. Man’s tie should be enough. I am in a friend home have seen he has more than 50 tie used as a match. The choice of the color of a can as rich, design also can change more. Generally speaking, less than 300 piece tie is not used as a formal occasions, a cheap tie a cheap suit than more offend. But because the national problems, are you willing to spend nearly one thousand yuan to buy a tie (and a is absolutely not enough).

A suit of clothes in general is tie-in shirt. Choose the color of a shirt and suit the collocation of tie is absolutely test your grade. It is said that the man have no more than a dozen shirt is no way to go out, do not know to be the facts. General black suit, blue and grey tie-in white shirt is more formal, popular now flashy fabrics of dark red, purple can also try, and gray suit, can match some the neuter color shirt; Navy suit tie-in white more orthodox, tie-in yellow very jump. Pinstripe suit and stripe shirts collocation of good is extremely compelling! Remember, white shirt is absolutely won’t make mistake, although there is no individual character more.

Now that suit is a set of being installed, for it is the next big claims should be. Many people often will notice you take in hand or on the back of a suit of brand, this is not way to things. Suit fabrics and work is more important than the design color, a cheap inferior suit may well get you also lose face and customers.

There are still some details problems should pay attention to, such as don’t put the sign outside in a suit, even if the sign enough level; Supporting suit socks must be being installed socks, black ash dark blue can, must not be white, also do not want too short; Slightly long suit shirt sleeves than some; Shirt collarband to and you just great neck, don’t slipping; Suit must level off; When a serious to dress and cautious; Leg can’t turn up; Best wallet and leather shoes belt is the same brand; To do a clean hair, don’t let suit glued to the above flocks; Can not wear a sweater in a suit as far as possible don’t wear; If in the summer air conditioning environment office, try not to suit the short sleeve shirt in.

In short, wear a suit the points for attention of many, you must be checked carefully and go out again.



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