Men dressed details

General principles
A, suit for the overall image the color of the suit’s color, so shirt, tie, shoes, socks, belt must suit the suit and matching color, generally don’t more than three kinds of color!
B, dressed in a bar or grid fabric suit, then tie must be no shirt bar or grid; Dressed in a bar or grid fabric shirt, then tie must be no suit bar or grid; And tie.
C, dark suit light color shirts, light color shirt dark suits.
D, the skin black people don’t wear yellow, the skin is white is nothing to worry about. Pay attention to the color of the dress and skin the color of the hair must be in harmony.

Pinstripe fabric than thick stripe big cell have good taste
Long suit jacket when buy short suit to pay attention practicability and performance to price, for example, you spend 2000 buy a designer clothing, each month can wear eight times or more even wear five years, not only wear good-looking, and high ratio of performance (every day on average about $4); If on the roadside spend 80 dollars on a poor quality of clothes, wear after three times of sleep wear up invisible, unfortunately, for others, they also don’t finally cast, you say which cost-effective?

Dark socks can and any color dress, but summer now, if wear light color clothes, socks color can also be shallow some, but some are deep in clothes color. Put your shoe ark of white socks in it, if you don’t have white sneakers! Please don’t use white socks you of any color of leather shoes!
Socks to encase crus parts can not only to the ankle, don’t let people see your bare leg hair, if it is, it will be the biggest failure!
Brunet, delicate, fabrics is simple and easy, flower socks for girls go to!

The man without a few white shirts? White shirt classic color for the, should buy more white shirt, also can buy some such as ivory color, gray, shallow blue downy and tonal shirt, light color shirt more easily than dark shirt match!
Long sleeve more formal than short sleeve, pinstripe than thick stripe elegance, never in the suit to wear short sleeve shirt, day, how bad!
Shirt to iron good, if is wrinkly, had better not wear, again good suit will also drop!
Shirt cuffs should be slightly longer than 1/2 inch coat, coat sleeve to thumb tips should keep 5 1/4 inch, shirt cuffs to thumb tips to keep four 3/4 inch–man should always keep in mind the criteria!
If you want to a day comfortable words, brought to leave some space circle, 90% of men brought turn all stretched tightly, this is very bloated, a day down, not painful also give suffocated!
The people should choose short neck low brought shirt, long neck should choose relatively a bit higher collar
Light blue shirts on the lens, in television interviews or wear best video, you don’t forget to take pictures

With more serious formal of leather shoes, one leg up jacket and is suitable for loose outfit, please on formal occasions wear with leather shoes in!
Black leather shoes can match any color clothes, can use on any occasion.
Shoes with low more gentlemanly, straightforward bold and unconstrained shoes with thick only applies to the alternative!
Don’t let your shoes in ash, every two days to wipe a shoe, shiny leather shoes to the person feel very cool, a good education

Soul in the
Brunet, striped flower case small, simple tie with high authority
Article inclined lane, geometric shapes, the tie more acceptable, don’t take that plane, tanks, golf pattern of the tie, you are not a millionaire!
1, if is not very complex, color appearance pure shirt, then can and design and color, the color of heavy and complicated changeable tie photograph collocation.
2, the flower is extremely rich shirt is already change feels, plain coloured ties to jump out and tie if again entered the battlefield spend together, will only create the old razzle dazzle, could not find the feeling of vision key.
3, plaid shirt, collocation small dot tie is right choice.
4, striped shirt matchs element face, twill, into the stationing of small decorative pattern, rules such as the dot is good passing style tie.
5, that over the years the shirt and tie up to date with color collocation way, is the tie of the color of a shirt than deep, the quantity compared to some.

The belt and straps:
The same color belt and shoes, best and watch with consistent
The black belt is applicable to any color costumes
Belt not too broad or too thin, too wide for cowboy, is too small for girls!
Strap should size moderate, golden color is the best, silver is good!
Braces should color and dress well matched, back straps will not wear a belt, not at the same time use the straps and leather belt, but if your waist not coarse, I advise you don’t use it, the Chinese do not suit!

Affiliate adornment:
Jewelry should fewer but better, less is more, don’t bead light jewels
Tie clip is not popular, don’t use!

Coat coat and a raincoat:
Coat coat color of choice for blue, black, the color of camel’s hair, carbon gray, had better choose wool texture, and different color suit has nothing!
Brown rice raincoat for classic, blue can accept, must not with black, easy to give a person as a pile of garbage!

Other should pay attention to of place:

Suit sleeve the label on the wearing of a have to tear down!!!!!!
On the waist don’t anything to the damage is belt, also is indecent;
The key is not to use string, but should use the key bag!

Double-breasted suit for size tall man, a double-breasted suit is strong, and general shape or thin man, wear buttons suit appears concise upon.
Tie of dozen (shown)

The dozen of the most accessible.

Elegant type style, rare, play is more complex. Used to bring or standard neckline pointed shirt.

A man is in general like to wear a suit, because a suit for men is the main business attire. People in the most easily from the suit to judge a man’s status, personality and talent. Not is to explain the clothing can be changed



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