Business travel tips for advisors

Packing appropriately for a business trip can relieve some of the anxiety associated with travel ? and help you focus on the work at hand.

?Travelling is hard on everybody,? says Anne Sowden, image consultant with Here?s looking at you in Toronto. When you?re travelling for business, the people you meet still expect you to be focused on them and not whether you remembered to pack your toothbrush.?

Follow these tips to make sure you look professional ? not frazzled ? on your next business trip:

> Mix and match Take a look at the agenda for the trip, Sowden says, to help you plan what you?ll need to wear.

for example, just because you are gone for three days doesn?t mean you need three suits, she says. instead, you might pack one suit with a couple of different shirts and ties. Or there might be events at which it would be appropriate to wear a suit jacket and casual pants.

Women can also mix and match by packing the basics: dress pants; a skirt and jacket in neutral colours; and a few tops.

> start early Give yourself plenty of time to pack to make sure you don?t forget anything.

Don?t leave it until an hour before you have to depart, Sowden says, or even the night before. otherwise, if something has been left at the dry cleaners or you have to buy something before leaving, you will be rushed and more anxious.

Sowden recommends starting to pack a few days before you have to leave.

> Dress for the journey Always dress professionally on a business trip ? even when you?re in transit.

Avoid jeans and T-shirts, Sowden says. If your luggage is lost or your flight is delayed, you may not have time to change before your meeting. That?s why it?s wise to travel wearing something that would be appropriate for a meeting.

> Lose those wrinkles choose clothes made from fabrics that don?t wrinkle easily, Sowden says, such as wool, or material with some synthetic content.

If you get to the hotel, open your suitcase and find your clothing is rumpled, don?t panic. Sowden offers this easy trick to smooth out the wrinkles: hang everything up at the far end of the shower rail, turn on a hot shower and close the door. after about 15 minutes the steam will have made all the clothes wrinkle-free.



Men’s Fashion Week of shoes

From opulent and regal to rugged and chic, below are our picks for the best of Men’s Footwear from Milan Fashion Week

Classic shapes are reinvented with update patterns mixed materials. A traditional slip-on loafer, although sleek and minimal, is anything but, with bright purple python and ombré vamp.  Cuban heel ankle boot combines velvet and supple kid creating a refined yet accessible look.  Colors evoked opulence in rich green and purple jewel tones, along with deep reds.

Men become more like filar socks

Modern more and more women think wearing stockings or pantyhose brings the sultry and discomfort, far more than strangers under the eye is beautiful with sex appeal, so they’d rather have little legs out flaws, cool and refreshing to match on dew toe walking on the road sandals. In men more and more difficult to appreciate the so-called “filar socks beautiful leg” at the same time, some unexpected discovery man wearing stockings or pantyhose benefits. Many us and European office worker accident found that women filar socks frivolous close-fitting characteristics, let they wear pants in under seemed all the warm and comfortable; And some of the people engaged in outdoor sports, also found that the massive than the old old pants trousers were more convenient movement. Even doctors suggest, engaged in long the station or long time work by plane, in tight pants leg can avoid a blood clot, big conduce to health.
According to the American Internet retailers Shapings underwear company statistics, accident found that 85% of pantyhose actually all is to man hands, of which forty percent exhibitionism dress, the rest is pure like or need to buy pants.
Sensitive filar socks manufacturers also noticed the trend of natural, two, three years ago, the Asian Wall Street journal had reported that more and more filar socks first production designed for men of filar socks and pantyhose design, performance and even than women are even better filar socks. Although points for men and women, but pantyhose companies say, actually design very much the same, it is “marketing name”! In order to let more conservative men wear tights has accepted concept, Austria senior pantyhose manufacturers Wol-ford company come up to the waist sox (Waistsock) for male pantyhose to be named.

A man dressed in silk stockings fashion

Nylon stockings published since the 50 years, and I don’t know how many fashion was lifted for many years, men believe that women will be coated in legs translucent light crystal filar socks, the feeling like the elves of snow and ice, gently beautiful pure and inviting. But now more and more women will instead stockings as a distraction; And the man in the lost over, and the unexpected discovery in the benefits of filar socks, and gradually become fashion, a stream of men wear the agitation of filar socks gradually sweeping across.

Men’s Fashion Trends

UK’s largest online-only fashion and beauty store, ASOS recently presents Men’s Clothing collection for Autumn/Winter 2011-2012. In the UK, ASOS’s products can be bought easily in stores with affordable price.

If you see in the ASOS’s products pictures below, we can’t deny that ASOS offer clothes that are very trendy and very comfortable to use especially for Autumn/Winter 2011-2012. Men who uses ASOS products will look awesome and handsome. They also not affraid to explore new styles or pattern in their products.

Most of ASOS men’s clothing Autumn/Winter 2011-2012 dominated by dark colors such as black, brown and green. However, if these colors are combined with ASOS’s style, it will look great and perfect.

Fashion You Should Avoid in this Summer

Odds are that you have already picked out your shades for this season, learned how to mix and match your outfits and pleasantly blend your summer colors. However, there are plenty of small yet crucial fashion issues we tend to neglect. Taking care of those details is what will actually save you big time from the fashion police, even if you are not conscious of it. In the summer time, try sticking to lighter colored suits and stay away from the darker ones. Leave the dark colors for the later season. Instead, take this opportunity to be brave with the colors and opt for vibrant colors. Steer clear of heavy fabrics such as thick wool and fleece too.

One of the fashion disasters is to wear sandals with socks. Gentlemen, please note that sandals should never be worn with socks. Sandals are made to be worn bare and not accompanied by socks. If you prefer wearing socks, pick other kinds of shoes that go with the socks. Even if the weather is burning you up, pass up wearing spaghetti strap tank tops unless you want to look like a meatball. Opt for sleeveless shirts instead. Another fashion disaster that you should steer clear of would be wearing bicycle shorts even if you are not doing the exact sport. Bicycle shorts tend to scare the other sex instead of attracting them. Hence, stick to regular shorts during the season. Summer is the season where we worry about sweat stains the most as they are the ultimate turn off. You do not want to scare off your crush or leave a bad impression on the new people you are meeting. If your shirts are permanently yellow at the armpits, simply get rid of the shirts. Opt for shirts with patterns that could help camouflage your sweat stains if you are the type to sweat it out a lot. On the other hand, if your armpits get sweaty and damp when it’s hot, try using a better deodorant or antiperspirant and remember to keep your arms nice and low. Stay clear of the destructive fashion flux and enjoy the summer looking great.

Coats have been presented by many couturiers, such as Burberry Prorsum, Versace, Yves Saint Laurent, Dries Van Noten, Roberto Cavalli, Ann Demeulemeester, etc.

There are long trench coats, short ones, double-breasted and other styles. Most of them look very classy and are perfect for spring wear with its chilly winds and frequent rains.

One more trend that deserves your attention here is shorts or cutoffs.

They are presented in various styles, different lengths and diverse colors.

transparent shirt need avoid

To avoid wearing luster and transparent shirt, luster shirt is not suitable for professional attire.
In addition to tight collar width moderate besides, still should pay attention to the height of the collar with the length of his neck consistent. A long neck man wearing a short collar shirt will make his long neck more visible, a short neck man wearing a collar shirt look high very funny. In the wrist cuffs to a little, but also to suit sleeve grow than half inches to an inch or so. To make your shirt color of color lighter than suits, the color of the tie than the color of a shirt some deep.

Man QuanGongLve dress

A man is in general like to wear a suit, because a suit for men is the main business attire. People in the most easily from the suit to judge a man’s status, personality and talent. Not is to explain the clothing can change one, but in the environment can change that. For every one of us, it is around the dress code part of the environment. Maybe someone will say, I wear underwear and wear 3000 yuan suit, work equally well. This statement may be right. But if the offices of all people to work underwear words, so the whole office work efficiency than in 3000 yuan suit to low.

Men’s Autumn fashion

In a blink of eyes, Autumn has slippen into our lives. The weather begins to be cool. And we begin to take off shorts and put on shirts and trousers.
At this time of year, do you need a coat ot a pair of trousers to ward off the collness for yourself or your loved ones?
This is a typical South Korea men’s hoodie sweatshirt. The design of the collar can keep the cold air out. And at the same time, it can also make you look cool.