Man ten equipment

Equipment six: companion

Although women never become a man, the first selection, the first goal, then vice driving seat seems to really is for those lovely lady who AD hoc. It seems that we already know every successful man, there is a great behind the female, but every successful modern man is next to also should have a gorgeous modern woman?

Equipped with seven: leather shoes, leather belt, leather bags

Although cloth shoes, comfortable foot feeling, but always and suit antipathetic, driving out before put a pair of serious best business brand name shoes. You are a man of the car, his feet of kung fu careless. Someone said: “see a person is really rich, want to see his belt, because he is not easily the best with the belt cover part.” This is the word of it. Even if not to justify their rich, a high quality belt is necessary. More on leather bag, and unless you are all competent, someone willing to transport you bags, or the best bring your own a delicate leather bag, and get off like a boss, not make tea pot of tea in hand of the driver.

Equipment 8: healthy color of skin

The industrial city of the men or for a day in building work, or because air pollution, so pale. They sure envy people who have chance to drive to the outside space get sunburnt skin of the people, but sun yi dehydration, cause splash, wrinkles, burns and aging. In order to make the skin luster, elastic, men can apply onto the body with olive oil, usually also should pay attention to prevent bask in.

Equipment 9: bold steps

Hollywood star dustin hoffman, height to 1. 65 meters, but he let a person feel handsome. What are they? He was walking very masculine, a spirit, and this show the men forward with strong and active faith, if a height 1. 80 meters of healthy big fellow, from car out of but downhearted or, like small Japanese woman like exceed finely small step, sure like no life’s body in the walk, let a person very disappointed. The man walking should put abdomen to push forth, so that is will tall and straight, chest will rise. Then, again with this position, make abdominal force tighten. This is the pace of man.

Equipment 10: white teeth

The former brothel owners were threatened MaiXiao female, the unwritten rules of fixed: can have sexual behavior, but never let a guest to kiss. This means that for the lips lips, also is the spirit with meat. Their idea is: “the flesh can give each other, but not our hearts to give.” Love of men and women and if can have healthy teeth and fresh breath, so they can enjoy pure and warm the kiss of love. Already have a driving you, if have a bright smile and clean teeth, it would have to impress women’s heart.



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