Man ten equipment

As for man, glasses display a majesty, a mysterious, even a fascinating and crazy temperament. And to have a car of man, the function of the glasses and sunshade, protect the eyebrows. Whether we want to which a utility, glasses for you is indispensable. Just think: a black car Benz 600 in your side slowly
Stop, the door slowly open, inside out a dark glasses suit man, when he looked around after, finally the sunglasses off the moment, will be a natural and unrestrained and bearing.

Equipment 2: razor

As the saying goes: “no hair, do not talk prison”. When you earn their driving seat, I’m afraid is also due to beard and things you a full face of time, although the abroad have hairy and sexy saying, but most women also can’t face in the face of the sex appeal. The famous brand with a razor that is how much you a once sexy, and can always sexy up man.

Equipment 3: perfume

“The man incense, and the woman taste”. Many of the women admit that Hollywood, they those on the screen a gold partner, besides handsome, wham beyond, the more appeal to them is its wonderful body joss-stick. Can’t imagine, if not perfume, the beautiful actress who will be in their male partner how a covet body smell? Besides, who is not willing to let the car QiYouWei floating with pleasant perfume? Men have sweet perfectly justified, but don’t too. Also don’t sprinkle Boss today, tomorrow or wipe up way. That it will make women feel that you have not abnormality, insecurity.

Equipped with four: suit and tie, casual wear

Go to work? And should wear a suit, dating, of course, is casual wear. Home or drive or the most basic principles of dress is harmonious. And according to your personality and taste decided to your choice, composed of the type of course motorists don’t choose rebel too strong taste brand, active romantic man and don’t dress too orthodox, and all your car to reach an agreement, the grade of the car because reflects your be fond of.

Equipment five: watch, mobile phones, laptops

With the automobile had pace, the speed is more should have the concept of time. A punctual person is promise, is one of the tricky, so a accurate and beautiful the wrist watch must be your friends anytime and anywhere. And the occasional stood up after, I think you also don’t want to stop car and fishing for the public telephone area, have a car of course people should have a cell phone. So say that cars just shorten the distance we space, mobile phones are the anytime we each other together. While the next laptop will be more you successful career mora.



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